Cosmetic & Facial Plastic Surgery

Whether you are looking for facial surgery, a comfortable in-office procedure or skin care, Dr. Garlich and his team at Garlich Facial Plastics can help you achieve your goals.

Our Philosophy

Your face is your means of communication, a way to express yourself. The value of your face is how you use it to communicate who you are and what you are feeling. Your expressions lie wholly within your eyes and smile so they should be bright and wide, not frozen and tight or overdone. Cosmetic surgery is not a fix for emotional or psychological ills. Instead, cosmetic surgery can be used to shed light on and magnify all the dynamic aspects of an individual from within.

Our Services

At Garlich Facial Plastics, our goal is uniquely centered upon meeting your facial aesthetic needs. Dr. Garlich offers the latest technological advances in cosmetic facial surgery, in order to provide the greatest comfort, confidence and results.

At Garlich Facial Plastics, we offer:

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