How Dizziness Relates to Hearing

Did you know that your ear is the only organ responsible for two senses; hearing and balance?  Because these two senses are tied to one another, when one isn’t working properly it can often affect the other.  If you have ever had a bout with dizziness and have been treated by a trained medical professional, then chances are you have also had your hearing checked at the same time.
The part of the inner ear that is responsible for hearing is called the cochlea.  Inside the cochlea are hair cells and 2 types of fluids called “endolymph” and “perilymph”.  The part of your inner ear responsible for your balance is referred to as the vestibular system.  The vestibular system contains endolymph, perilymph and hair cells, thus the tie between hearing and balance.
Symptoms of Dizziness
If you experience vestibular problems, the sensation you may feel include an unsteadiness while walking, especially while walking in the dark.  Other symptoms may include:

  • Faintness – this is a feeling of lightheadedness without losing consciousness.  Nausea, pale skin and clamminess are typical feelings when a person is feeling faintness.  The causes of this specific symptom includes a drop in blood pressure or inadequate output of blood from the heart.
  • Loss of balance (disequilibrium) – This is an unsteady feeling when you are walking.  The causes may include vestibular problems as listed above, sensory disorders, joint and muscle problems, neurological conditions and even taking certain medications.
  • Vertigo -this is often described as a sensation of spinnging.

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