Front Office: Check In

Description: Responsible for greeting patients and visitors along with check in patents for their appointments. The front desk check in receptionist is responsible for assisting the practice manager in assuring the office meets organizational goals and provides high quality care and services to all patients and customers.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for acknowledging presence of patients and visitors immediately upon arrival and channeling their needs, inquires, etc.
  • Responsible for communicating to waiting patients about delays in doctor’s schedules or other issues as needed.
  • Responsible for asking that patient’s complete necessary paperwork and entering data into computer prior to appointment.
  • Responsible for collecting payments from patients and explaining payment policies to patient according to office policy.
  • Responsible for posting walk-in payments in EMR.
  • Responsible for marking “no shows” in computer at the end of the day and notifying referring physicians appropriately.
  • Responsible for maintaining sign in sheets daily and scanning sign in sheets monthly.
  • Responsible for documenting receipt of correspondence for new patients in computer with received and imported appropriately.
  • Responsible for the scheduling office appointments as needed
  • Responsible for Insurance eligibility/verification of appointment
  • Responsible for confirm appointment referral received the day prior to scheduled appointment
  • Responsible for posting payments (mail, copayments, phone, etc.) and assorting mail as trained.
  • Responsible for assisting and direct vendors (FedEx, Drug Reps, etc.)
  • Responsible for transferring appropriate patient information/documents from old EMR to current EMR.
  • Responsible for cleanliness of front desk area
  • Responsible for assisting all other personnel in the completion of duties as needed.
  • Responsible for establishing priorities in sequence of activities to maintain an efficient system.
  • Responsible for promoting teamwork and cooperation among coworkers, physicians, and administrator.
  • Responsible for carrying out duties in a manner that promoted high quality patient care and efficiency along with maximizing physician time efficiency.
  • Responsible for only accessing PHI required to perform job duties.
  • Other various tasks as assigned by Supervisor and/or Administrator
  1. High School education or GED equivalent
  2. Experience in a physician’s office
  3. Knowledge and experience with modern office procedures, office equipment and medical terminology
  4. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Full- Time, and PRN opportunities available. Please email your resume to [email protected]

The physicians at Northeast Georgia ENT have completed accredited five-year Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residencies following completion of medical school. Additionally our physicians have extended their training with fellowships and additional educational forums to ensure the delivery of state of the art healthcare.

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