Low Radiation Dose in Office CT Scan

Northeast Georgia ENT is committed to providing the very best ear, nose and throat services in all of Georgia.  Beyond having highly skilled physicians and audiologists providing this level of care, we invest in the very best technology available. The CS 9300 CT system is a low dose radiation CT scan located conveniently in both our Gainesville and Braselton offices. This addition to our office has allowed us to deliver unmatched patient treatment in all of North Georgia.

The Advantages
We are able to provide a very high level of care to our patients by continually investing in state-of-the-art equipment.  There are a number of advantages the 9300 CT scan provides our practice and our patients including:

  • High resolution images.
  • Less radiation.
  • An open design which allows a more comfortable experience for our patients.  The design accommodates both seating and standing options.
  • Greater accuracy. 

The most important benefit to our patients is our ability to provide imaging services that not only display results more accurately, but limits our patients to the amount of radiation exposure.  The amount of radiation exposure is so low, that it is equal to what you would receive on 5 cross country round trip flights.  This new low dose CT scanner is able to limit the radiation dose found in more conventional CT scans by 75%-90%.  Patient safety and comfort is important, and the new low dose CT scan in our office ensures every precaution is being taken.  We are able to achieve this precaution all the while obtaining the necessary, and accurate, diagnostic images needed for treatment.

To learn more about the equipment we use in our office or if you would like to learn more about our ear, nose and throat treatments, please contact us today. 

The physicians at Northeast Georgia ENT have completed accredited five-year Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residencies following completion of medical school. Additionally our physicians have extended their training with fellowships and additional educational forums to ensure the delivery of state of the art healthcare.

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