Julie Segars, Audiologist Assistant

Julie Segars joined the practice in 1996. She completed her certification as an Audiologist’s Assistant in Amplification from Nova Southeastern University in July of 2015. Julie is licensed as a Audiologist Assistant by the State of Georgia Board for Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology. Her experience with patients at Northeast Georgia ENT encouraged her to seek certification in audiology to continue helping patients with hearing loss.

Julie is able to help patients troubleshoot hearing aid performance and repair minor hearing aid malfunctions in the office. Call our office at 770-536-4352 to schedule an appointment with Julie Segars, Audiologist Assistant.

The physicians at Northeast Georgia ENT have completed accredited five-year Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residencies following completion of medical school. Additionally our physicians have extended their training with fellowships and additional educational forums to ensure the delivery of state of the art healthcare.

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